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Macro & VBA

Using VBA and macros gives you a great deal more power. You can tell Excel exactly what to do and how to do it. You also get access to a lot more functions and capabilities. If you use Excel regularly, it’s worth learning how to create VBA and macros.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will be able to:

·         Record and Run Macros Easily

·         Write VBA Code Manually using Microsoft Excel

·         Perform Loops, Controls and Error Handling in Excel Macros

·         Create User forms and Sheet Controls in Excel 2016

·         Use Events to trigger specific VBA code.

·         Write Useful Applications That Boost Productivity and Reduce Time on Routine Activities.

·         Utilize Excel to achieve the best possible programming results

·         Create their own macros, use and define variables, and work with a variety of objects


Program Outline

·         VBA & Macro Introduction

·         Types of Macros

·         Command Macros

·         Function Macros

·         Macro Formatting

·         Run a Pre-Recorded Macro

·         VBA

·         Accessing VBA Editor

·         VBA – Excel Macros

·         Event Handling

·         VBA – Events

·         Worksheet Events

·         Workbook Events

·         Functions

·         Functions Overview

·         Calling a Function

·         User Defined Functions

·         ERROR Statements

·         Error Statements Overview

·         Terms of Error Statements

·         Untrapped Errors

·         Forms

·         Messages and Variables

·         Simple IF Conditions

·         Loop

·         While Wend Loops

·         Do While Loops

·         Do Until Loops

·         Recording Macros and Buttons

·         The Excel Object Model

·         Debugging and Error Handling

·         Error Handling Routine

·         Handling Errors

Target Audience

Those who are consistently performing repetitive actions on worksheets.

Data Analyst



You must have good Microsoft Excel skills and understand key concepts of spreadsheets. It is not necessary to have prior programming knowledge.

You must know basic Excel functionality.

Cost: N 100 000

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