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Business Intelligence with Microsoft Excel

If you want to become good at creating Self Service Business Intelligence (BI) using the excellent and extensive Microsoft tool sets, you must learn how to become a data modeler using Power Pivot.

This course teaches the skills a business analyst needs to know in order to successfully use Power BI, Power Pivot for Excel and Power Query. The course starts out first using Powerful Advanced Excel functionality and then moves to Power BI tools.

Want to write basic Data Analysis eXpressions (DAX) formulas to extract business insights?

Want to write more advanced DAX formulas that use the power of DAX to extract additional business insights from the data that are not immediately obvious (yet are inherently available)?

Want to move from being a Power Pivot for Excel user to being a Power BI user, covering the differences between the tools and how to start using Power BI effectively?

Learning Objectives

The Main objective of this training is to make you understand Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View and Power Map to create powerful business intelligent reports and dashboards

Understand Power Query & Power Pivot and how to apply it to your job.

Produce valuable metrics for your business that never existed before.

Learn best tips & tricks to solve complex problems & create stunning work.

Target Audience

Intensive users of Excel, especially those responsible for reporting and analysis.

Business leaders who need to mine their data for actionable insight – using existing resources and on short deadlines.

Organizations looking to leverage Microsoft’s groundbreaking Power Pivot & BI offerings.

Business Intelligence and Database professionals looking to increase their professional agility and dramatically expand their capabilities.


Program Outline


Power Query

Cleaning up Data

Merging & Appending Data

Grouping Data

Loading data to PowerPivot

Power Pivot

Create relationships between Tables

Manage millions of rows of data

Custom Calculations, Key Metrics/KPIs

Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables

Power View

Creating Tables and Cards

Visualizing data with Graphs

Creating Interactive dashboards

Filter and Ask Questions of your Data

Powerful data analysis with Scatter Plots and Bubble Plots

Visualize Geographical data and maps

Power Map

Mapping Data with Power Map

Changing the Method of Aggregation

Mapping Data over Time

Creating Tours

Cost: N 100 000

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