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PowerPoint & Excel Fusion (Infographics)

PowerPoint and Excel are two very different pieces of software, however, this does not mean you cannot use PowerPoint and Excel together. Knowing how to create stunning presentations which are automated, data-driven, beautifully designed and impressive to read and mastering both PowerPoint and Excel and knowing how to work with both at the same time can be invaluable and that’s exactly what you stand to gain in this course.

What would it be like if each and every one of your PowerPoint presentations was stunning and impressed your attendees, co-workers, senior managers or investors without you saying a word yet?

How about transforming raw data from Excel and turning it into beautiful Charts & Graphs that impress and save you countless hours of work every month?

Learning Objectives

·         This course is specifically designed to help you learn exactly how to make full use of Excel & PowerPoint

·         You will learn how to design PowerPoint decks that will WOW those around you and will make them perceive you as a master presenter

·         You will learn how to create stunning charts & tables that can be seamlessly integrated into your presentations

·         You will learn how to tweak both software to create mind-blowing data-driven presentations

Program Outline

·         PowerPoint Design Fundamentals

·         Ways to get stunning PowerPoint templates

·         Beginners Guide: The PowerPoint Ribbon

·         The Basic Aspect You Cannot Overlook

·         The Fundamental Feature in PowerPoint

·         How to Perfectly Align Your Slides

·         Shortcuts that Will Make You Ultra Efficient

·         Fonts and Amazing Formatting Tool

·         The Ultimate Guide to Bullet Points

·         Strong Presentation Formula: Transitions & Animations


·         Excel Data &charts Fundamentals

·         Excel Shortcuts You Need to Know

·         What to Do with Excel Tables

·         Effective Ways to Format Tables

·         How to Rock Conditional Formatting

·         Charts Everyone Should Know How to Create

·         Tools to Help You Juggle Data

·         Excel & PowerPoint Automation (Fusion)

·         Introduction to Office Automation

·         Quick Guide: Copy Excel Tables & Charts to PowerPoint

·         Top Secrets for Excel + PowerPoint Efficiency

·         Creative Way to Improve Tables

Target Audience

Anybody who creates presentations in PowerPoint on a consistent basis & wants to take it to the next level

Anybody who uses Excel to juggle a lot of data and wants to save time while making their graphs & charts look amazing

Managers presenting to their CEOs, Partners holding a sales pitch for clients

Take this course if you are serious about taking action and want to achieve measurable progress in the near future

Cost: N 80 000

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